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The dark ages of 13th century have started. Merciless rulers have put their people under enormous
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21 October 2008

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It is a proven fact that whenever a cruel dictator tries to push his state public against the wall, a rebellion rises in several forms and works about to overthrow his absolute power aiming to establish justice and peace in the land. Many a time, when a dictatorship is characterized by suspension of fundamental rights and liberties along with ruling by diktat and single party state; all these elements with vicious domination, it becomes imperative to rise above and protest. Multiple motion pictures and fictional works have been created on such premises and computer games in diverse forms have also been created to give hands on experience of fighting autocratic rulers and Invading Force3 2.0 is one such game that involves the same storyboard and action packed sequences of game playing.

Invading Force opens with a vibrant and vivid looking interface with the main options placed at the bottom and the main screen displaying vibrant graphics that includes the king’s castle and his troops. The game shows the dark age of 13th century wherein the innocent public is troubled by the cruel king that has led to the rise of an unsung hero who chooses to give a voice to all the people in their quest for justice and freedom. The player has to play along with the protagonist and utilize all strategy skills and military expertise to take over the king’s castle without being harmed by his men. There are limited funds available for accessing mercenaries and infantry to overthrow the corrupted ruler and end the reign of suppression and suffering.

To conclude, Invading Force3 2.0 assures its players of ample adventure and thrill in fighting against the evil ruler and his army and scores a rating of 3.5 points for its impressive and exciting premise.

Publisher's description

The dark ages of 13th century have started. Merciless rulers have put their people under enormous stress. And simple people just couldn´t take it any longer. They chose you to lead them in their final fight against the lords and kings who have taken them all they have worked so hard for. You will have to prove all your strategy skills to storm those fortresses and castles without being destroyed before the mission is completed. Enough talking, this free action games hides so many exciting surprises. You just have to start playing it to find out. Go ahead, it is free!
Invading Force3
Invading Force3
Version 2.0
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